Managed IT Services

Is your business paying too much for telecom and internet?

It’s hard for any business owner to spend time wrangling with service carriers to get the best possible deals on telecom and internet. Gage Telecom has the access to more than 100 service carriers, and we will recommend services that best fit your business structure.

Our goal is to give you a single point of contact for the technology portion of your business. You will also receive exemplary software support as we work closely with Avaya to help implement your hardware, software, and applications for any size business.

Guaranteed reduction of monthly bills.

Our services will help you reduce your monthly internet and phone bills, guaranteed. We will work closely with your local staff to help execute project timelines quickly and within budget.

Our full services include:
  • Internet services
  • Phone line and T1 services
  • Multi-site office solutions
  • Work from home/anywhere
  • Carrier service evaluations

Guaranteed reduction of monthly internet and phone bills.